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CV – Eric Manners,
April 2014
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Eric Manners 1999-2014


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Collected Works of Eric Manners


...for the London Borough of Islington, England, UK:

"Planning Obligations (Section 106) Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)", by Stephanie Brewer and Eric Manners, November 2013 (1,790KB pdf)

"Islington's Transport Strategy and Local Implementation Plan 2011-2031", by Joost Bergers and Eric Manners, approved by the Mayor of London in January 2011 (1,978KB pdf)

"Determining the market potential for car clubs in Islington and Camden", paper presented at the 8th UK Transport Practitioners Meeting, 20-22 July 2010, by Eric Manners, Matthew Clark and Liz Halsted (125KB pdf)

"Taking a Comprehensive Approach to Reducing Transport Emissions", paper presented at the 6th UK Transport Practitioners Meeting, Reading, 14-16 July 2008, by Eric Manners (24KB pdf)

"Islington's New Car Club "Information Boards": Using Signage to Enforce and Promote", paper presented at the 5th UK Transport Practitioners Meeting, Manchester, 24-25 July 2007, by Eric Manners and Kathryn King (268KB pdf)

Annual bids to Transport for London for the London Borough of Islington, June 2007 and June 2008, by Will Umney, Ashley Baker-Finch, Eric Manners and others (multiple documents)

"Sustainable Transport Strategy for the London Borough of Islington, 2006-2016", Local Implementation Plan approved by the Mayor of London in October 2006 and adopted by the council in December 2006 (consultation draft published May 2005), by Eric Manners, Geoffrey Haines and others (multiple documents)

"Building the UK's Largest Car Club in the London Borough of Islington", paper presented at the 3rd UK Transport Practitioners Meeting, Birmingham, 5-6 July 2005, by Martijn Cooijmans and Eric Manners (120KB pdf)

"Green Travel Plan for Islington Council", September 2003 and February 2006, by Eric Manners and Martijn Cooijmans (multiple documents)

...awards for the London Borough of Islington:

London Transport Award 2010 for Innovation (Vouchers for Permits)
Highly commended at the National Transport Awards 2010 for Incentivising Behaviour Change (Vouchers for Permits)
Gold Award at the Green Apple awards 2010 for Islington’s car club (Project Centre and LB Islington)
London Transport Award 2008 for Partnership of the Year for Islington’s car club (Streetcar and LB Islington)
London Transport Award 2007 for Innovation (ScootAbility)
National Transport Award 2006 for Innovation (ScootAbility)
London Transport Borough of the Year 2006
TfL Best Council Travel Plan 2006
TfL Sustainable Transport Borough of the Year 2005

...related to Master of Environmental Science:

"Participative democracy: Deliberative decision-making and social learning", by Eric Manners, in An Introduction to Sustainable Transportation: Policy, Planning and Implementation, by Preston L. Schiller, Eric C. Bruun and Jeffrey R. Kenworthy (2010), Earthscan, London, pp 207-208

"The Role of Participatory Democracy in Achieving Environmental Sustainability: A Review of Community Engagement in Regional Transport Planning in South East Queensland", by Eric Manners, Griffith University Master of Environmental Science dissertation, November 2002 (490KB pdf)

"Community-Initiated Sustainable Transport Policy and Planning: A Vision for Achieving Urban Sustainability", literature review, by Eric Manners, May 2000 (109KB pdf)

...for Smogbusters, and other advocacy in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia:

"Smogbusters: Grassroots Action for Clean Air and Sustainable Transport in Australia", Applied Environmental Education and Communication, Vol 8, Issue 1, January 2009, pp.18-29, by Eric Manners, David Wake and Rachel Carlisle

"Organising a Smogbusters Forum", by Eric Manners, April 2002 (39KB pdf)

"A Ticket to Ride: Getting passengers on-side and on-board with Integrated Public Transport Tickets", Smogbusters Queensland vision statement, by Pat Bostock, Paul MacKinnon, Eric Manners, Robyn Davies and Matt Burke, December 2001 (139KB pdf)

"Smogbusters Way to Uni Good Transport Practices Questionnaire", by Eric Manners, November 2001 (55KB pdf)

"The 'Smogbusters Way to Uni' Resource Kit for Promoting Sustainable Transport to Sustainable Campuses", paper presented at the Inaugural National Conference of Sustainable Campuses, Sydney, 27 September 2001 (70KB pdf)

"Public Transport Stop Information: A Marketing Action Plan", research report for Smogbusters Queensland, by Eric Manners, April 2000 (961KB pdf)

Queensland Conservation Council Submission to the Queensland Parliamentary Travelsafe Committee Inquiry into Public Transport in South East Queensland, by Eric Manners, 11 February 2000 (74KB pdf)

"Driver's Guide? It's Time for a Queensland Road Users' Handbook", Bicycle Queensland submission to Queensland Transport, by Eric Manners and Mick Fanning, July 1999 (54KB pdf)

"Identified Pedestrian and Cycle Blackspots in Brisbane", report presented to Queensland Transport and Brisbane City Council, compiled by Eric Manners, 2 July 1999 (30KB pdf)

Smogbusters Update editions 25, 26, 27 and 28, the Smogbusters Queensland newsletter, December 2000 to February 2002 (200KB pdfs)